In Isolation

Gallery 1

The best of the best. Artists from the region respond to our call out to send in work that represented or was produced during lockdown. Brilliantly varied responses can be enjoyed in our main gallery

Between the Pages

Gallery 2

A picture paints a thousand words. That was the starting point for our exhibition in gallery 2. Exploring the world of books, words, letterring and illustration. A – Z and everything in between. 

Little Wonders

Gallery 3

The incredible talent of Maxine Lee Mackie is on display in the first exhibition of her illustration work. She’s been published in multiple languages and commissioned by Disney, but The World of Glass is the location of her first show. Illustrations from Lois Tierney and Emma Jayne complete this visual feast.

Little Wonders will be temporarily closed on Wednesday 14th, and Tuesday 20th – Thursday 22nd July 2021.